Niche CAPE is one of the leading Warehousing and logistics services provider in Dubai. We understand your need for a strong and viable warehousing strategy, and offer a wide range of Warehouse Management services designed for your needs.

The finest warehousing and logistics service provider in Dubai are Niche CAPE, which can store breakbulk and offers excellent archiving, container storage, and individually lockable sheds. We can keep all kinds of items, including hazardous chemicals, and we also have a spare area for additional storage so that we won’t let our customers down due to storage concerns. To prevent any unwanted events in the future, we also adhere to all safety precautions inside our warehouse storage


a). Inventory management

b). Fully equipped State of the Art facilities

c). Strategic and Ideal locations for ease of access

d). 24/7 operation with effective customer service

e). Short Term & Long Term storage for both Inbound  & Outbound  routes

f). Online Tracking System

g). Reliable, Efficient, Cost Effective Handling & Tailored Solutions

h). CCTV Monitoring for security

i). Advanced Software Based control and management system

j). Pick-up and delivery options

k).Turnkey Warehouse

l). Management Services

m). Competitive and affordable rates